A business website is a critical part of an overall marketing plan. Choosing the right web company as a partner is equally critical and can greatly improve your return on investment (ROI). A good website can improve your revenue streams while, conversely, a “not so good” website can actually divert traffic from your business. As experienced by the retail giant Wal-Mart, online sales increased by more than 30% to approximately $ 10 billion, representing almost 8% of its $ 114 billion in quarterly sales.

Graphic design

Art is subjective and usually when someone looks at a website they initially decide whether they like it or not. What is important to note Web Development Company in Islamabad is that while it is your website, the design must be attractive to a large audience that could be your future clients.


Coding and development

When a development team looks at website design, they obviously need to make it work.


Search engine optimization with wikisol is a topic that many people claim to know but in reality, it is a niche segment that plays a huge role in being successful online. Can the team handle SEO both on and off the page? A good rule of thumb.


You must trust your development team. They should look out for your best interests and help you get it right the first time. Ask for the images. How do they acquire them? Do they have the proper licenses? Then ask them for proof of licenses. Since you will likely be working with this team for a while, make sure they are organized, that you know who your contacts are, and that they get along.


If you can’t provide all the original content on the site, you may need to have that content written. Some Web Development Company in Islamabad don’t write content; they depend on the customer to provide it. If copyright is needed, is the cost included?


So now that you know the top skills to look for, you might also consider the following:

How are updates handled?

If your staff want to be able to make changes to the site, will the site be developed to accommodate that? Otherwise, you will have to pay for future updates. It’s always nice to have both: the ability to make changes yourself, but also that “safety net” for backup.

Local or not local

Technical stuff

You need to own your domain name. Make sure you are registered in the correct way. If you’ve ever wondered if you are the owner, do a quick check on who.is. You will see some technical things on the results page, but what you want to see is the “Registrant” information, that is, who has full control of the domain.

Well then we have an idea of what to look for. Now where can I find a good developer and how much is all this going to cost?