With the increased usage of internet in the past few years, the marketing techniques are also related to the internet. SEO is one of them. It plays an imperative part in generating traffic for your website. Hence an accurate and proper SEO for your website becomes significant. Many of us have very little knowledge when it comes to SEO. So if you are new to this, following are some things that shouldn’t be done if you are talking about SEO

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The DONTs:

  1. Do not overwork your website. By this I mean that you shouldn’t provide link to every other page on your website. As this will overload the page, and hinder in its proper working. If your page is taking more than 5 seconds to load, then it will lower the ranking of your page.
  2. If you are using drop down menus, then don’t make them overlap the actual content of your web page as it will block the visibility of the user.
  3. Do not use tags that are not relevant to the content, products or services provided by your webpage.

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  1. Avoid plagiarism. Do not copy content off other sites.
  2. Do not use non mobile friendly web design and software that may not open on smartphones or tablets.
  3. Do not make use of software that will share the content of your page in an artificial manner. As it can lead to penalties by Google.
  4. Do not over decorate your web page.
  5. Don’t make it too flashy.

Seo expert islamabad

SEO although sounds very simple but is very complex in reality. You need to be very careful and cautious while doing SEO. So if you are looking for a company that will do the SEO for you in an expert way. Wikisol is a SEO Expert Islamabad. Hire Wikisol and get your SEO done in the best possible manner.