Do you want to ensure that your website gets a good quantity of traffic? Here are some tips that will

help you improve the design of your website.

1. The Logo: A logo that looks professional gives an expert impression. The Logo for your website is

one of the most important parts that affect the overall look of your website. It’s also important

for your brand recognition. Your logo should be clear and have a high resolution.


2. Keep it Simple: Don’t overdo things. Don’t put a lot of images on your homepage. There should

be enough room on the webpage. This is imperative for a clearer and better visualization.

3. Your web site should be mobile friendly: Here is an important thing! Make sure that your

website has a mobile or smartphone friendly attire. Now days, the most use of internet is

through smartphones. Hence your potential customer might be searching for you using his

smartphone. Ensure that when your client opens your website on his smartphone he doesn’t get

confused and is able to easily navigate on your website.


4. The Color Scheming: Colors play an important role in the design of your page. This makes it vital

to use them wisely. Don’t use very bright colors neither makes it dull. Just keep a balance.

Choose colors that give your page an elegant and professional look at the same time. Moreover

it’s better that you try to complement the color them of you web site with your logo.

5. Focus on Font Selection: Choose a font that is easy dew3to read. It shouldn’t be too small or too big

either. Medium font that goes with the other things of your website is preferred.

6. Good Pictures: If you are using images on your webpage. It’s significant that they are good

pictures with high resolution. For which you will have to invest in good photography.

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