The website of a company is its online profile which is accessible and visible to the whole audience on World Wide Web. The website design and performance shall be appealing to the visitor and have a power a grab the attention. For making the website of a company there are many things to be kept in mind that lead to a perfect website and web design. There are many companies offering Web hosting in Islamabad but choose one which comes up to the expectations and requirements of your website.


Wikisol have been providing web hosting and website development services from many years and have built a trusted reputation among its clients. There are two main types of website designs which are static and dynamic.

Static Web Design

Static websites are an easy and cheap way to present a business online. Static websites are easy to design and run. To keep it simple, the web pages of a static web design will give same preview even if they are opened from any device. Small and new business can easily go for the static web design and can find many service providers for web hosting in Islamabad.

Dynamic Web Design

The pages of the website will change and customize their size and preview, if opened from different devices like computer, Tablet or mobile phone. Then screen size of these devices varies so the web pages will adjust to the size in a dynamic web design. Web hosting Islamabad is a widely spread business and there are many companies offering the service in high quality and affordable prices.


Shared Web Hosting

A single server is used to power more than one websites in shared web hosting. It is suitable for the websites which are new and do not have heavy traffic. Also, the websites with no or less video content can be managed with shared web hosting. It is cheap in cost and best suits a websites for their startup. If the web traffic increases on these websites they can easily be moved to the dedicated servers. Web hosting in Islamabad is available at numerous points with extra ordinary service.

Dedicated Web Hosting

If your website is visited by a large number of people everyday then you must go for dedicated web hosting. The high traffic web pages need a fast speed server to manage the visitors. If the high traffic websites are run on shared servers then it will result in slow loading of pages and the visitor will ultimately move to another website as there is a lot of competition and the websites are to be kept fast and updated.


Dedicated Web Hosting is offered by many web hosting companies in Islamabad and is also the need of the websites which have heavy content uploading and downloading like video and audio sharing websites.

Choose the Best Web hosting to stay at the top results

The website of a business is the online brochure which has to grab the attention of the target audience. The more it appears in the search results, the more will expand the business. It is very important to choose the web hosting in Islamabad that is a one stop shop for your website from web development to designing and maintenance to updates. Wikisol has been serving its valued clients with pleasure and is intended to further expand its business by offering the web services which are self explanatory of the quality and dedication. Come experience working with a web hosting service which all capable to come up to your expectations.