With every passing year SEO company Islamabad is growing and updating their techniques to keep in touch with the latest trends that should be followed to get better results in the field of SEO. Wikisol is also one of the best SEO Company Islamabad who is trying their best to get the targeted results because competition is growing very fast and there are a lot of companies which are now offering SEO services claiming to be just perfect in the field but some of them are not as good as they are saying.

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Some of the SEO updates are here to increase your knowledge regarding SEO services in 2016 so that SEO company Islamabad can set their goals for the future to aim for the success of their clients  because success of their clients matters a lot in the field of SEO which is basically an art of ranking a page on the first pages of search engine and Wikisol is following all the new tools and techniques to make their customers more happy and satisfied this year they are all set for the updates and changes because they know Search engine Optimization is facing challenges everyday from search engines:


  1. Spider-bot friendly html code is the key to success for SEO company Islamabad design of the site didn’t matter a lot in the SEO because bots never recognize the designs and never rank pages according to the design so if you are thinking design has any impact than you are wrong start working on the codes to make the site visible and never do mistakes of any kind which can last in the ranking risks as ranking should be our first priority and then yes design somehow should be good.
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  3. Google bots just love the texts so yes content should be very concrete and pin pointed too in this year also because they can definitely make it sure that what is the worth of your content if nothing they will deny your site. SEO Company Islamabad should always take care about the content of the site which should never be pledged. Sentence should be accurately built and there should not be any kind of spelling mistake in the content of the site. Length of the content should also very long otherwise they will never consider your site a best one.
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  5. The next technique which every SEO Company Islamabad should know for the ranking of their site in 2016 is perfect marketing technique which make you unique from all the other sites and your intended product will start growing in the market because if you don’t know about marketing of the product or any kind of marketing channels your product will never grow up to the standard you want this is the new technique which is introduced due to the increasing trend of social media marketing and through that marketing thousands of products started making business and growing fast.