Designing is the field of unique and best ideas and when we talk about web designing in Islamabad it has become the best job for many who are creative in the ideas generation Wikisol welcome you in the atmosphere of ideas in a very good and affordable cost they promise best designs of websites which are also SEO friendly. Wikisol is working for all the cities across the Pakistan and know the need of the customer and then make designs according to the customer wish which are no doubt beautiful and most attractive.

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Bugs of CSS are resolved for IOS:

There are several JavaScript fixes for the read port height units bug in iOS seven (iphone & iPads), this text can cowl the way to resolve this bug with CSS. This specific bug affects the rendering of viewport height units, for example: if you are trying to create a full viewport height instrumentality with height: 100vh, it’ll show an awfully tall empty gap. Though this bug was mounted in iOS eight, however previous many aged many elderly} iphone and iPads users are still victimization the old iOS seven. The vh-unit buggy fill is one among the favored JavaScript workarounds, however if you do not wish to trust JavaScript here could be a fast CSS fix victimization media queries.

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New flow of themes:

Five years past, I used to be galvanized to begin Themesnow by a vision to create a tool that permits designers (like me) to create Word Press themes while not cryptography skills. Today, I am proud to announce that my vision has come back true. Say hi to Themesnow Flow, a free Word Press framework that permits you to create and customize themes while not requiring any PHP or CSS cryptography web designing. Everything is finished among Word Press with AN intuitive drag & drop interface.

Inspiration of the landing Pages:

While I used to be operating with the Themesnow team on the Landing theme, we have a tendency to check out over 100 landing pages for inspiration. We have a tendency to review however individuals designed their landing pages, ordered out key info of their content, and designed their decision to action box – these area unit vital factors once planning a changing landing page. Below is a unit thirty elegant landing pages I’ve selected for your inspiration? Their pages are different from company landing page, to single-page layouts for portfolios, apps, shops, and merchandise.

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These design ideas and concepts are unique for web designing but trust me if they are applied like they are they will be the best web designs and make the changes in the field of the web designing which is revolving around ideas and designs the more unique design will stay in the market for longer. Wikisol is always trying to make things easier for the potential consumers of the market and the decision to make the things easier make them more popular in the market.

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Wikisol is making some of the very unique and innovative designs in web designing that are very famous in the market in Pakistan and outside the Pakistan.