Social media is playing a great role in marketing and promotional campaigns. Social media has turned into a very strong platform. If you need to promote any campaign, a small or huge business, a brand, or anything at all, all you need to do is create a website for it and share it on social media as much as you can. Create a website following proper use of SEO tactics and sharing it on social media could make an enormous increase in your marketing and sales. Most of the major promotion campaigns are done through social media. Just keep the content on your website up-to-date that would engage your customers. Wider audience you engage in your website the more are the chances of your business to grow. Wikisols help you in the social media promotion of your website.


One-in-seven rule

One in seven rules refers that the focus should mainly be on sharing valuable content. Only one post of the seven should be purely promoting your business rest of the six should be informational containing guidelines or any other information including from the community. You can promote your business in those posts too as a sideline.

Ask questions

Ask questions on Facebook relevant to your business and the ones that would interest them. The question should inspire the audience to refer the business.

Add value

You can write posts reflecting the nature and quality of the product, discount vouchers or offering special offers.



Give plus points to the costumer each time he checks in and double points on bringing a friend. Your business would expand each time they check in as their friends on Facebook will know about it, eventually growing the audience of your page.

Pinterest board

Creating a Pinterest board which has eye-catching visuals can help in promotion of your business. Embrace the visuals. Give rewards to the costumers who participate in shared contents by your website.




Create better titles that are helpful in the promotion of your website.


Timings of sharing a post really matter. You need the content to reach the as many people as possible for maximum engagement. Notice the timings when maximum people are online or active and chose those times of the day for sharing your post. Different social media have different peak times. Some social media platforms have features designed to assist you in getting through this process, such as Facebook Insights.



Post multiple times

If you promote the same content several times on social media you can be more effective without letting the audience notice that the link is to the same content that they read earlier. It also gives another opportunity to the audiences who somehow would’ve missed out the chance of seeing your content.

Try out the content creator communities

There are some communities that exist outside social media for the sole purpose to bring content creators together and enhancing your social media promotion like wikisol’s web development which provides efficient services on this matter.