Web development is a wide-ranging term regarding the work involved in developing of a website for the Internet. Web development can vary from developing the simplest stationary single page of plain text to a complex web-based social network services, electronic businesses, and internet applications. For larger businesses and organizations, web development teams can comprise of hundreds of people.

Wikisols web developer’s practice, the interdisciplinary roles of many web developers, which include:

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  • Web design/ Graphic design
  • Information architecture and copywriting/copyediting with accessibility, web usability, and search engine optimization in mind
  • Mobile responsiveness

This list is a regular website development hierarchy which can be extended to incorporate all server side and client side aspects. Then testing is a process of evaluating a system or its components with the aim to observe if it satisfies the listed requirements or not. It is a system executed in order to identify any errors, gaps, or missing requirements in contrary to the actual requirements the degree of testing varies greatly between developers, organizations, and applications or individual sites.

SEO and Web design function together. Majority of the web designers are choosing to incorporate SEO while designing a websites. It is important for business persons to know the importance of in web design and the worth it adds-on to the design process.


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A web design that is reconcilable with SEO is expected to draw more traffic to the page. A website may be dazzling and attractive but if it’s not search-engine friendly, you limit the ability of major search engines to retrieve your content.

If your website content isn’t promptly accessible to search engines, it will not attain a high ranking in the search engine’s search result. Integration of SEO appropriately in your web design involves aspects such as linking, technology, content, and navigation.

  • The content on your web pages is necessary for SEO accomplishment. Throughout the process of building your site, it is logical for the web designer to be conscious of what the business demands. This makes it likely for lists of keywords to be picked in the preliminary stages of development relating to what consumers are expected to search for when considering data that relates to the site.


  • Content is important in SEO but should be used correctly to prevent any spam that may lower our status or principle to search engines penalizing your website. Meaningful and Deliberate arrangements of keywords will assist you develop better ranking for your web-pages in search results.
  • Improving keywords to content when you create the web pages will assist to cut down on the time utilized to modify content on web pages for the aim of SEO.
  • Link building allows you to have links are directed from other reliable sites to assist you attain improved search engine rankings for your website. In order for proper link building and value content to produce the best results, web design needs to use SEO.

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