There is relentless pressure on the sales organizations these days. But one has to get through the pressure and think of strategies that would aid the sales of the company because there is always room for improvement. So the basic strategy of a company for sales should be try everything, assume nothing. In current times SEO is at its peak. Majority of the companies are dependent on online marketing and for improving your sales through online marketing, the basic thing you need to know is about SEO strategies. Search engines are regularly adding new trends in SEO but if you keep the knowledge of the consistent ones, it would do it. So for the sake of improving your sales through online marketing these are the basic SEO strategies you need to know as suggested by SEO services


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Social content

Social content will gain more SERP’s from social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in the coming times. People are already using social media for marketing purposes and also to support and boost SEO. Post valuable social content and optimize your page for maximum visibility.

Video content

Videos are a great source for keeping audience engaged as people find visual more appealing. So you can improve your SERP’s by posting videos relevant to your content, brand or business. Majority of marketers are using video SEO in present times.



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Mobile optimization

Make your website mobile friendly as your audience is no longer in one place.  People use all sort of devices for web browsing. Even the statistics in 2016 has proved that a considerable percentage of access to web, online shopping and browsing is done using smart phones. So mobile optimization should find a prominent place in your SEO strategies.

Voice search

People find voice searches more convenient and safer because they intend to use their phones whenever and wherever they want like while driving, cooking, exercising, watching tv etc. So make sure that your content is easily approachable through voice searches by using long-tail keywords.

Content accumulation

People depend more on sources that provide complete relevant information relating to a particular topic or subject.  The finding, gathering, assembling, presenting, sharing, and displaying content is significant in appealing target audience with your content.


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Mobile apps

The obsession of mobile apps is growing day by day. According to a report people spend 89% of the mobile time using apps. App optimization tops your list of SEO optimization as in the coming years mobile apps are unquestionably going to override desktop and mobile websites. As a marketer you need

Local SEO

To improve your sales marketing it is really important to let google know about your location. It is must to have your local pages with search engines Yahoo, Google and Bing which will comprise your address, name of the business etc.

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