Startups of any services or business are tough times. You have competitors, less resources and no customers. At that time you need to work sensibly and create innovation, convenience and quality in your startup offers. You have to convince customers on factual basis to buy your product. You have to present the facts that you think might seem appealing to the customer enough to invest. You have to strike the balance. You don’t have many resources to hire talent for that, so in this case you can use an alternative approach of outsource development.

According to wikisol’s web development service Islamabad, these are 10 successful startups that were built with outsourced development to launch their highly-valued business


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In early days, slack used outsources development for its startup. Slack hired a design firm to improve its product. MetaLab revised the company’s website and app, as well as redesigned its logo, created most of what consumers see when they  interact using the messaging service. Today, it’s valued at $3 billion now.


Fab partnered with developers in India in order to maximize funding alongside scaling up when their business showed signs of progress. Goldberg’s skills at managing outsource process led the company to succeed in its outsourcing efforts.


Skype used a team of developers in Estonia to assist them build out their business.  Almost everyone knows about the fact that Skype used to function with development team abroad which led them to become a market leader.

App Sumo

The company has worked with many freelancers in various fields, including content, IT and marketing  to grow its business. App Sumo was started with only $50. The founder of the app found a developer willing to work for $50 to create a PayPal button and credit card form.





Gliffy is a web-based diagramming tool company. It has turned to outsourcing for certain aspects of its technology development.

Outside developers built the technology and infrastructure for They used team members from Israel, India, and China for quality hardware, assurance and engineering. eventually sold the company to Securus Technology.


Basecamp performed the same practice of outsourcing worked for it as it turned itself into a technology leader. Basecamp has hired many freelancers working virtually from home for it.


From the start, MYSQL believed and proved the success of a progress strategy that included utilizing a mostly outsourced staff in different countries to ramp up ventures in each location.


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Opera is a web browser company which relied on developers in other countries to construct and instigate its platform.


SeatGeek found a considerable cost value for outsourcing particular tasks to the talent in other countries. This assisted them in building their infrastructure faster at less cost than hiring an in-house staff.

Through the examples of these companies we can see the value that outsourcing brings. The primary reason is that outsourcing costs way lesser than a home-team does.

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