Wikisol is a special Web Development Company in Islamabad with a very large portfolio in Islamabad. We offer complete web development solutions on national and international bases. We provide professional solutions at very affordable price packages. Our services are the best as we care our customers very much and we know what they really want. Our site specialists are very experienced and inventive in this field. We are working for the last 5 years in web solutions and there are almost two hundred plus clients not only in Pakistan but around the world.


Wikisol is a Web Development Company in Islamabad, which is being implemented in Islamabad. In order to complete our customer’s very alert business goals and requirements, our panel of experts are active and secure websites that help them achieve their target market, meet the organization’s goals and provide well-established help to sales tactics. We allow tender database motivated sites to allow the content to maintain the contents of the site from the controls in the control menu and the user friendly content maintenance system. In the end of the development process we also have a tender service that supports our customers to the planned viewers.

For website development, we use HTML, PHP, CSS, AJAX, Java script, XML, Perl, ASP.Net etc. and database websites, which we usually use Apache, MY SQL, MS SQL, we also give customized websites. Solutions like Joomla, Mambo, WordPress, and Drupal etc.

Wikisol is offering best site development at very cost effective packages to the customers. We are giving dynamic solutions to the clients. We are market leaders in web development and technical help. We are delivering the best websites worldwide. We are also working internationally with many companies around the world.

At Wikisol, we are specialized in providing traditional web application development solutions to the well-known effort to small businesses for their traditional requirement. As, every industry has their personal convention obligation which is not satisfied by off the rack web solutions. We also give a hand to our customers to voyage vacant web application to new technologies. At Wikisol, we strongly believe that every industry has its own sole needs in consequence of it tailored solutions.

We grow and incorporate a spacious variety of modified business solutions. We have exceptional skills in traditional web development applications as well as a variety of traditional software modules and web projects encoding. Web Development Company in Islamabad is structuring websites with SEO in their mind! Our affordable price packages, permanent professionalism and inclusive looms to each and every customer make us the best choice for all types of traditional web application services for Pakistan and abroad.