Every business needs to portray a different image to its customers through the brand mark. Same is the case with symbols for software houses. The image thatsoftware houses” want to portray is one of innovation and imagination along with professionalism. Below mentioned are some basic ideas for the colors, fonts and images that you can use for your software company logos:

    1. The colors: For technological symbols, it is advisable to use bright colors for trademark. That is because bright colors look attractive on computer screens and off it. They also give the monogram an imaginative touch. As far as colors are concerned there are no limitations. In fact, here the combination of black and white would look boring. Some of the best colors for these emblems are blue, purple, green, yellow and grey. These colors are soft and bright which helps make the brand mark comfortable and appealing.
    2. The images: • The technological images: To come up with image ideas, list down images that you think are related to technology then simplify them. For example if you have listed down computer because it is a machine then the image appropriate for your logo would be a simpler form of machine like a wheel and axle. It would also denote the journey that technology has traveled. You can also use an image of the mouse icon or an illustration of a bulb with your company name. •

The abstracts: If you do not want to use solid images for your brand mark, then how about using a few abstracts? To represent that your corporation is tech savvy, you can use thin ribbon like abstracts around your business name or colorfully illustrated waves above the name. You can also use flower abstracts to add a sensitive touch to your trademark. •

Unique images: If you want to try something new as far as your images are concerned then you can also use animals and the environment around you as an inspiration. For example, you can use an illustration of a fish for your brand mark or you can use an image of a small plant with leaves to denote that your company is environmentally friendly. You can also use a silhouette of an alien leaning against your company name to show how advanced your software house is. You can even use an image of a colorful Rubik’s cube or a Pandora’s Box to add a mysterious appeal to your trademark.

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